Today’s Students’ Needs!

Need of Todays Students

Change is the only constant in life,  remarked the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, and how aptly it applies to the changing requirements of students every generation is something to pause and reflect on. Only once we comprehend this foundation can we, as parents, teachers, and education enablers, discover a solution. We need to grasp this thoroughly […]

The Top 5 Student Assessment Challenges in 2021

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  If you ask a local authority or a company leader what STEM stands for, they may be able to explain it to you. They can say, It’s all about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  They may next discuss STEM occupations, such as how engineers and computer programmers earn a lot of money and are […]

Here’s Why Investing in STEAM & Coding Should Be a Top Priority for You

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There is never enough money for schooling. Or it might be people, time, or other resources. That’s why distributing funds is always a challenge—it’s about balancing competing, worthwhile priorities in order to maximize the value to our kids. We’ll make the argument in this post for why investing in STEAM and coding should be a […]

4 Ways to Make STEM and Coding More Accessible to All Students


Malaysia’s educational system has prioritized STEM education since the early 2010s. While school districts around the country have been working for over two decades to provide a more comprehensive curriculum that encompasses science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math, access remains a challenge. Students in high-poverty communities have fewer science materials and less access to […]

3 Things to Avoid While Teaching STEM, STEAM, and Coding in 2021

3 Things to Avoid While Teaching STEM, STEAM, and Coding in 2021

Educators and parents had to navigate uncharted waters on their own in the maelstrom of school reopening regulations, social distancing, contact tracing, and all the uncertainty of 2020. Children’s engagement was limited by breakout rooms and Google Classrooms, and academic, social, and emotional learning suffered as a result. The impact on STEAM education was even […]

7 Ways Online Classes Enhance Education

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There is a lot of discussion over how beneficial online education is compared to traditional schooling. Furthermore, a small percentage of people believe that in-person education is the sole option and do not give online education its due credit. There is little doubt that online education has become a reality around the world, and that […]

Mathematical Applications in the Real World

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“Will this math concept be useful in real life?” “When am I going to use math?” “Isn’t this math notion completely pointless?” These and similar questions have been asked by pupils many times during their math classes at school. All of those questions may be answered with Applied Math! When you study all of these […]