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Artificial Intelligence with Python

This course teaches students the ins and outs of machine learning algorithms using Python. Program AI that can automate data processes, recognize patterns, and make recommendations.

Data Science with Python

This course teaches how to read data, recognize inaccurate data, and change it to make it more accurate and useful. Learn the basics of SQL and machine learning along with data visualizations.

Fun With Front-End Web Development

This course teaches students HTML5, CSS3, and the basics of Javascript (ES6). Learn to create responsive and interesting websites for both web and mobile. 

AP Computer Science Tutoring

The AP Computer Science Principles course teaches students how to think computationally and analyze problems. Our tutors will prep you to tackle the AP CS exam through various practices and Java programming tutorials.

Highschool STEM Research Programs

High school students have the opportunity to explore a variety of STEM fields through independent research with the help of our instructors at Coding Club. receive help with your university applications and get guidance on which career path to take here.

Programming with PHP

In this course, learn to embed PHP code into an HTML page to enable you to create dynamic web pages. Review basic PHP fundamentals such as data types, strings, arrays control structures, built-in PHP functions, and learn how to define your own custom PHP functions

Programming with Node.js

This course teaches how to create scalable and lightweight web applications using Node.js. Also, learn the use of technologies such as Cassandra, MongoDB, and Express Framework (Express.js)

Programming with React

This course teaches you the fundamental concepts about React and uses them to build web applications. Learn to take input from a user, read data from an API, manage side effects like timers, and share stateful logic with custom hooks

University Assignment Help & Guidance

Need some help with your university assignments, projects, and classes?  Our tutors are all from Computer Science, Math, Software Engineering, and Engineering backgrounds. With their expertise in the field, you’ll be able to solve the toughest questions thrown at you. 

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