Coding with C#

Learn C#—the language of enterprise software and Unity, one of the most popular game engines.


C# is widely used to develop desktop applications, web applications, and web services.

It is used in creating Microsoft applications on a large scale. It can be used to create almost anything and is particularly good for building Windows desktop applications and games.

The C# course will be straightforward to grasp compared to most other languages.

Knowledge acquired through the course can be used in every type of software development, from mobile apps to video games to enterprise software.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, students will learn: 

  • Learn the fundamentals of C# and .NET Framework
  • Work with primitive types and expressions
  • Work with non-primitive types (classes, structs, arrays, and enums)
  • Learn the difference between value types and reference types
  • Debug C# applications effectively


 Suitable For Students Who Are:

  • Ages 13 – 18
  • Interest and diligence in learning to code

About C#

C# is a beginner-friendly programming language that shares many similarities with other popular languages such as C and Java. It is used to develop web, desktop and mobile applications, games and much more.


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