Video Editing

Learn how to edit and/or stream videos on YouTube or Twitch.


This course is an introduction to video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro and OBS.

Students will use industry-level software to create and edit videos ready for sharing across media sites like YouTube. Streaming for Youtube or Twitch can be taught at additional request.

Students will use a mixture of screen recording and camera technology (webcam or DSLR) in order to simultaneously capture gameplay and commentator shots.

Students will learn about moderation and safety tools in order to protect themselves online.

Students will learn creative writing techniques that are imperative for telling rich and enthralling stories.

Students are encouraged to create their own or use a parent-provided a YouTube (Google) and/or Twitch account as well as access to a Fortnite (free) or Minecraft (paid) account in order to take this course.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, students will learn: 

  • The basics of Adobe Premiere Pro
  • The basics of Open Broadcast Software (OBS)
  • Fundamental audio and video editing techniques
  • Students will learn creative writing techniques that are imperative for telling rich and enthralling stories.


 Suitable For Students Who Are:

  • Ages 7- 18
  • Interested in video technology, recording,  editing, streaming or vlogging
  • Have a computer with at least 8GB RAM
  • Have a camera or webcam to record footage

About Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing program used to create videos from short clips online to full-length movies. This program allows the user to add color grading, manipulate audio, add titles and even animate.

About Adobe Premiere Rush

Similar to the more robust Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush offers the users the ability to create stunning videos quickly without being bogged down with tools that the user may not need without sacrificing the quality of the video.


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