Are Students Prepared to Compete On a Global Stage

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  Because of the remarkable gains achieved by automation and artificial intelligence, the dynamics of the global future market are shifting quicker than ever before in the 4th industrial revolution — and this rate of change will continue to increase exponentially over time. In the face of technological advancements and changing corporate needs, the information […]

How Can You Help Your Child Improve His or Her English

How to Improve your Childs English

Nobody needs to explain the importance of English as a worldwide language and lingua franca in the year 2021. After WWII, the French were replaced by English, which is now the official language of the United Kingdom. You can’t deny that English fluency is one of the most in-demand abilities in today’s industry and that […]

Enhancing Speaking Skills for Kids

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We’ve all anxiously fumbled in front of an audience while giving a presentation, speech, or even expressing our opinions to the teachers in front of the entire class. When you first meet someone, you observe their mannerisms, which indicate a lot about them. This is why public speaking is so important, and by practicing it […]

Developing Communication skills of Youngsters


The pandemic struck unexpectedly, and we were caught off guard. It brought a lot of confusion with it, and it was very disruptive to everyday life. Everything being equal, how it impacted the world—human life and the economy—the most perplexing effect has been on children and disturbance in their development.   The question to ponder […]